We would like to know if Legacy Buffalo Grass would work alone in our back yard or whether we should mix it with something else. We are looking for a low water, low mowing frequency product that will work well with dogs who live inside but do run hard and play on it. We also like the pollen free feature of Buffalo Grass as one of our dogs has allergies and chews at her feet after being outside. We currently have mostly Bermuda grass and are in the process of killing it off. We live in Hooper and our yard is approximately 1/2 acre with a few young trees along the borders (which of course will get bigger). The trees are Mulberries, Cottonwoods, Red Oaks, Tulip Trees and Austrian Pines. Suggestions for mixes we have heard are Sheep's Fescue and Bella Bluegrass. Also, is there a place in Utah where we can buy these grasses so we don't have to pay a large price for shipping?



Buffalo grass will work, but it does have some downsides.  It is a warm season grass that will turn brown in October and not green up until April or early May.  It is also a little courser than the cool season grasses. It does have male and female plants which do bloom (as all grasses do to a certain extent). It is also not tolerant of shade.  I normally do not recommend a blend, but I know it can be done.  It is really up to you.  I would recommend contacting Granite Seed in Lehi and get their opinion.  They are a wholesale distributor of seed and will have the grass seed you mentioned. Their web site is  http://www.graniteseed.com/

Posted on 4 Aug 2008

Jerry Goodspeed
County Director, Horticulture Agent, Weber County

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