When moving into our new home I removed two small quaking aspen trees. Even though the main trees are gone there are a good multiple dozen shoots that are coming up all over the lawn. How do I get rid of these for good...hopefully without ripping up my entire yard? Also my neighbors all have these aspen trees and I would like to "treat" the baby shoots coming up on my side of the fence line without damaging their trees. Is that possible?



Unfortunately the roots of the little shoots are connected to the full-size quaking aspens in your neighbor's yard.  Before you kill the little shoots, you must first sever the connecting roots.  Cut them with a shovel or something so they are not connected, then you can safely spray them out with a shrub and brush killer or other broad-leaf herbicide.  Make sure there is no wind, no other broad-leaf plants that will be damaged (don't spray them if they are in the middle of broad-leaf ground cover).  Make sure that the temperature is below 85 degrees for 72 hours after you spray.  If you have further questions you can call us at 851-8462

Posted on 30 Jul 2008

Pat Fugal
Horticulture Assistant, Master Gardner, Utah County

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