I just recently moved into a home that has these terrible "soda straw" type weeds that I can't get rid of. They pop apart and look like tall drinking straws. I have sprayed them with multiple rounds of poison (extra strength!) and dug them out by hand 2 or three times. They are coming back stronger than ever. What should I do?



I think your "soda straw" weeds may be scouring rush. Look it up on google to verify.  If it is souring rush, it is VERY difficult to get rid of.  It is very waxy and jointed so that the herbicide doesn't penetrate the surface or move to the roots.  Two things you can try.  1)cut the plant just below the soil line and put a few drops of concentrated roundup on the cut and 2)cover with black plastic.  Leave it there for the entire growing season (you can plant your zucchini etc throuh a little hole cut in the plastic)  Good luck!  If you have further questions you can call us at 851-8462

Posted on 30 Jul 2008

Pat Fugal
Horticulture Assistant, Master Gardner, Utah County

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