I have Morning glory though out my established lawn, how can I get rid of it?



Maximizing lawn health is the best defense againts bindweed.  Healthy lawns will often out compete this particular weed.  Fertilizng regularly, mowing often at at height of 3 inches, and deepwatering less often are techniques used to do so. 

Besides the previously mentioned, in the middle of the summer not much can be done accept keeping the weed mowed down and pulling off vines that have flowers.  However, this fall, at a point near your average first frost date spray with a broadleaf weed killer containing 2,4-D, dicamba and mecoprop (these are the active ingredients of many common broadleaf weed killers).  Doing so at this time allows the pesticide to sit in the roots all winter and maximize damage to the plant.  Some have found that products containing carfentrazone in addition the the previous three mentioned chemicals are somewhat more effective at controlling bindweed than other, less expensive broadleaf weed killing products.  Weedfree Zone and Speedzone are a couple of brand named products containing this particular chemical.  If needed, spray again in the spring just as the bindweed is beginning to flower.  If you choose to use a pesticide, carefully read and follow all label instructions.   You will probably never totally eliminate the bindweed but it can be controlled with persistance.

Posted on 25 Jul 2008

Taun Beddes
Horticulture Agent, Cache County

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