We have a weed in our hay field that is choking out the field in quite a large area. The weed has a hard stem with heart shaped leaves about 1/4 to 1/2 inch in size around the stem leading to seed pods that look like flowers that are hard and have a seed in them. The seed is red and the husk around them is green when the seed leaves the husk is white, stem is hard green and stick like.



Thank you for your inquiry regarding the weed in your alfalfa field.  I consulted with Dr. Steve Dewey and unfortunately neither of us can appropriately identify the weed from the description provided.

Since identification is the most important "first step" in controlling this problem weed we need to be assured that we have properly identified this plant before we suggest some control measures.  May I suggest the following:

1.  If possible contact your local county agricultural agent and ask him/her to help you make a positive identification.  Many of the county agents in Utah are very good at plant identification and they should be able to get a good identification to common name if not to genus and species.

2.  If the county agent does not recognize the weed have them take digital photo of the plant.  Many of the agents are very skilled with the digital camera and they should be able to get some good pictures that they could send to me for identification.

3.  After we have made a proper identification I think I can give you some specific ideas for successful control practices.

I regret that I am not able to be more specific and helpful and this time but will be happy to assist you further when we know the name of the weed.

Posted on 9 Jul 2008

Ralph Whitesides
Agronomic Weed Specialist

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