I have a Blierana flowering plum tree that failed to leaf out fully this spring. I looked at it yesterday and found at least fifty places on the branches where a snake-like resin/sap has been pushed out of the branch. Is this a borer doing damage? What do I do? Should I remove the tree to prevent further damage to surrounding trees? Is there something I can spray? Can I ever plant a tree in this same spot? I have trees all along my fence line in a row and really need a replacement tree if this one is going to die.



Coryneum blight can cause gumming on, an death of the little twigs as well as defoliation and eventual death of branches.  The peach crown borer (I know you have a plum tree, but it attacks all stone fruits) burrows around inside the trunk, cutting off the nutrients to the tree.  This eventually kills the tree.

Coryneum blight is a fungus disease that overwinters in the leaf scars.  You need to spray the tree this fall when most of the leaves have dropped.  You can use fixed copper, captan, chlorothalonil, Bordeau mixture.

If you have peach tree crown borer, you need to spray the lower 3 feet of trunk, letting it puddle at the base of the tree, as oftentimes the moth eggs are laid just below the soil line.  Do this the first of July (now) and again the first of August. You can use something with carbaryl, permethrin or esfenvalerate in it.

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Posted on 9 Jul 2008

Pat Fugal
Horticulture Assistant, Master Gardner, Utah County

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