I recently had a handyman come to adjust the sprinklers at a house we do not live in and are trying to sell, and he unfortunately turned off the sprinklers without us knowing, and the grass went a few weeks without being watered. Since we discovered it, we began watering and I laid down turf builder to see if I could jump start the regrowth. The grass looks brown and dead over much of the lawn, however, since I fertilized, I can see little green spots and individual green shafts here and there. What should I do now? Can I seed over the existing dead lawn? What is the fastest and best way back to green without tearing up the whole yard and starting again? (The backyard sod was new last year)



#1.  If you are seeing little green shoots, then the roots aren't totally dead.  It's easier to bring the lawn back than replant it.

#2.  I would continue watering the lawn.  Make sure the water penetrates at least 8" down so that the lowest roots get water, but do not keep the ground soggy.

#3.  If you find that your lawn doesn't come back, you can overseed, but first you must rake down to the soil.  The grass seed must come in contact with the soil.  Treat it as a newly seeded lawn, keeping it damp.

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Posted on 2 Jul 2008

Pat Fugal
Horticulture Assistant, Master Gardner, Utah County

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