I'm planning on using Imidan on my fruit trees. I would like to use a sprayer, but all the application information I've found is in lbs per acre. How much Imidan should I use per gallon.



I'm not sure of the formulation of Imidan you are using, so I will use Imidan 70W as an example.  On the label, it does provide the rate in lbs/100 gallons for apples and peaches.  It is .75 lbs/100 gallon.  There are 16 oz in 1 pound, so that makes 12 oz/100 gallons, which is the same as .12 oz/1 gallon.  There are 6 tsp. in 1 ounce, so that comes to 3/4 tsp per gallon.

Be sure to read the rate on the label you have to make sure it is the same, and if not, you can use the above conversion method.

Posted on 7 Jul 2008

Marion Murray
Intergrated Pest Management Project Leader

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