I have an indoor pathos that I potted about a month ago. I noticed recently some fuzz on the soil. Is it mold? Yesterday, the end of the vine was black. How can I save the plant?



The growth you noticed on the soil surface is likely a mold.  However, it's difficult for me to say whether that same growth you observed is a pathogen.  It sounds like the plant may be getting too much water as most molds don't grow so noticeably when watered less frequently. Water may or may not be the problem entirely.  If you can locate your county Extension office (if you live near one), you could take the potted plant in to have someone have a look at it.  Also, if you have
a digital camera, you could take a photo and send it to me and I'll do my best to give you further assistance.

Posted on 2 Jul 2008

Kent Evans
Plant Pathologist

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