I am trying to plant a "microforest" in my yard (.25 acre). I am looking for trees that will do well planted fairly close together (8' or less), evergreen and deciduous, to form a woodland-type setting. I also need bushes that can grow on a mild slope (drip irrigation) in this same location. I am particularly interested in dwarf, narrow, columnar evergreens. I've seen some in landscaping (I refer to them as Charlie Brown Christmas trees) around Park City and in Idaho that seem to stay in a very small footprint (4-5'?). But I haven't found a nursery that knows what I'm talking about. Any help would be appreciated. I have started with a clump birch, a japanese maple, and a bakeri spruce (must be a dwarf as it says it will only grow to ten feet (6' wide).



There are many kinds of dwarf evergreens. Iseli wholesale nuresery in Oregon specializes in them. See their website at http://www.iselinursery.com/.  Some retail nurseries in Utah buy from Iseli. Also check out the website of the American Conifer Society at http://www.conifersociety.org/.

Posted on 30 Jun 2008

Michael Kuhns
Forestry Specialist

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