When do I spray my lawn for weeds?



Broadleaf weeds usually appear in lawns early in May.  Pre-emergent herbicides may be applied before then to help prevent weed establishment.  Once weeds have emerged, use a post-emergent type of herbicide. 
In lawns, kill broadleaf (non-grassy) weeds with broadleaf weed killers.  NOTE: Herbicides containing 2,4-D or should not be applied when the temperature is above 85 degrees F. or when weather is windy.  In areas where complete vegetative control is needed, glyphosate (Roundup) will kill almost all living plants.  Overspray of glyphosate can severely damage non-target plants.  Follow label instructions when using any chemical sprays.

Posted on 13 Jun 2006

Karl Hauptfleisch
Salt Lake Master Gardener

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