How to get rid of Goat Head Thorns?



I believe the weed you are concerned with is puncturevine, Tribulus terrestris.  It typically grows on the edges of unhealthy lawns. It can stretch across a sidewalk, if not controlled, and also clog the gutters along the sides of highways. While most weeds grow upward, this one stretches out along the ground. The major nuisance from puncture weeds is just as its name implies -- its thorny pods are sharp and can be harmful. Puncturevine reproduces completely by seeds and  these seeds can remain dormant for up to five years. Regular weed control each growing season by manual removal or tillage and cultivation of newly germinated plant before it goes to seed, you can use an old piece of carpet, slid along the ground, to help pick seeds up.  Eliminating the seeds will prevent more plants germinating the following years.

Posted on 23 Jun 2008

Maggie Shao
Horticulture Agent, Salt Lake County

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