Can I grow strawberries in pots? Will they survive winter in pots? Will they produce if they only get afternoon sun? Where can I learn more on this topic?



Strawberries do very well in pots, as the root volume required is relatively small.  You do need to remember that maintaining plants with a small root volume require more frequent watering.  At peak production, strawberry plants can transpire a relatively large amount of water, so they may need to be watered daily, if not more often.

Optimum growing temperatures for strawberries are between 70 and 85F. So for warmer parts of Utah, some afternoon shade in the summer is beneficial. Keeping the roots cool in the summer with light colored pots will also help. Too much shade will result in vegetative plants that don't produce much fruit, or produce fruit that is sour.

Winter survival will depend on how cold it gets, and how much you protect them.  Buried under snow, or even under straw or sawdust mulch will help keep the roots and crowns from being damaged.  Since they are in pots, you can also consider moving them to a shed or unheated garage where they will also receive some protection.

Posted on 9 May 2008

Brent Black
Fruit Specialist

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