When is the proper time for me to spray for worms on my Bing Cherry Tree? What do I use?



To control the worms in cherries there are a few techniques to determine when to spray.  The first is based on fruit color.  The small Western Cherry Fruit fly cannot effectively insert an egg into the fruit until it starts to change color from straw-color to a rose blush.  Utah State University traps and monitors orchard pests throughout the growing season.  Updates regarding determining spray time along with products can be found on the USU Extension website: http://www.utahpests.usu.edu.  Some common products include; Spinosad, permethrin, carbaryl, and malathion.  Be sure to always follow the label instructions when using chemicals.

Posted on 2 Apr 2008

Jaydee Gunnell
Master Gardner and Horticulture Agent, Davis County

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