I have some problems with native Juniper trees dying(25 ft average height). They start turning yellow (chlorosis has been ruled out) then brown on south side first, then slowly spread to north end of plant. I have cut down one and found no signs of insect damage or disease. Only trees located next to a dirt road(South of trees) are currently affected. They started changing in color last summer. The county does spray for russian thistle on road. Yet no other trees seem to be affected. Can you provide other possible reasons or someone that may be able to come and see them (test them)?



There is not a simple answer to your juniper problem. Unfortunately, we have experienced more than normal death of native junipers (in Washington County) the past several years. We have attributed some of this to drought as well as insects attacking weakened trees. If you would like to give the location of the problem, I can try to assist in diagnosing what has happened. Feel free to call me at 435-634-5706, ext. 4, if you would like to discuss more or email is also fine. Some people also bring in plant samples or photos to our office at 44 North 100 East St.George, Utah 84770.

Posted on 26 Mar 2008

Rick Heflebower
Horticulture Agent, Washington County

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