Last May I planted an eight foot Sub-Alpine Fir in my new yard. My soil is very sandy. We deep watered the tree once a week throughout the hot season. The tree never showed any sign of stress until now (March). The ends of the branches are turning brown. I know these trees are sensitive. What can I do to best ensure the tree survives?



I would indeed be a very popular person if I could assure plant survival!  Unfortunately, I can only recommend helpful hints from personal experience.  Sub-alpine fir has been one of my favorite trees since first seeing it many years ago while skiing at Alta.  Hence, why not enjoy this great color and form in our own yard year round?


The answer is location and the particular plants ability or inability in this case to adapt to our valley environment.  Some sub-alpine fir planted in a constructed micro-climate, in an acceptable soil medium, and with good management survive in our lower elevations, most do not. Your particular sub-alpine fir with the newer growth beginning to brown may not be one of the survivors.

Posted on 19 Mar 2008

Bill Varga
Horticulture Specialist

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