Can I use smoke bombs to kill gophers in my yard if I have a garden? Will the chemicals affect the vegetables I plant?



Smoke bombs are a good way of getting rid of moles, voles, gophers (pocket gophers), ground hogs, ground squirrels, rabbits (which sometimes live in other creatures' burrows), and woodchucks. The bombs releases a sulfurous smoke that asphyxiates these tunnel dwellers. Simply light the fuse, place it lit end down into the hole entrance, and quickly cover the device and the hole with soil.

For smoke bombs to work, the target animal needs to be at home. If you see the animal and scare it into its burrow, you know it's home. Generally, most of these animals are home at night.

Since the gas produced is a sulfur based smoke, it should not harm the vegetables that are planted after eliminating the pest. If there are vegetables growing in the garden already, you should be a bit careful particularly if the pest is burrowing around your root vegetables (carrot or potato). Always follow the directions on the packaging when using these devises.


Posted on 19 Mar 2008

Dan Drost
Vegetable Specialist

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