We are remodeling our kitchen, and would like to know what is the best kind of stove for canning. I have had to replace several heating elements on my current electric stove because of canning. I usually use a water bath canner, does a gas stove generate enough heat for canning?



The first thing you would want to do when shopping is ask the vender about the electric ranges and if they are recommended for canning.  We have found that in recent years, the electric ranges may have elements that cycle off after they get so hot, which is a problem if you are canning. Some models indicate they should not be used for canning.  The smooth top ranges are a problem because the surface gets too hot when the canner is on it and can damage the surface and also cycle off the unit.  The water bath canner is also not usually completely flat on the bottom which causes problem with the smooth top surface.

Gas should be fine to use for canning.  You can direct the flame to fit the pan, control it easily and it won’t cycle off.

"Boiling-water canners are made of aluminum or porcelain-covered steel. They have removable, perforated racks and fitted lids. The canner must be deep enough so that at least one inch of briskly boiling water will cover the tops of jars during processing. Boiling-water canners with ridged bottoms can be used only on a gas range. Boiling-water canners with flat bottoms can be used on either a gas or electric range. To ensure uniform processing of all jars with an electric range, the canner should be no more than four inches wider than the burner (meaning that when centered over the burner, the canner would overhang the burner by two inches all the way around)." Barbara J. Willenberg, Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition, University of Missouri Extension


Marilyn Albertson
Utah State University Extension – County Director
Salt Lake County

Posted on 17 Mar 2008

Marilyn Albertson
County Director, Family and Consumer Sciences Agent, Salt Lake County

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