I am looking for a native grass, or a grass that behaves as a native, does not need irrigated once established, does not need mowed, for a hill in a St.George back yard. Cottonwood trees shade the area but it also gets sun. I was going to use Buffalograss seed, but some people at a nursery in St.George said that it is too hot for Buffalograss. Do you have any suggestions?



Actually, Buffalo should do well in the setting that you have described. It is growing in a number of areas and the heat does not bother it. The seed is a bit pricey compared to other grass seed. Once it comes up it will spread by rhizomes, but may take 1-2 seasons to give the cover desired. I have seen some mail order places sell the plugs that will establish more quickly.
Rick Heflebower
Utah State University Extension
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Posted on 17 Mar 2008

Rick Heflebower
Horticulture Agent, Washington County

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