I live in Lindon and have heavy clay soil. I have been adding leaves and grass to my garden soil and it still compacts rapidly. Can I use the compost from the green and public waste dept. on a vegetable garden?



"Green Waste" such as leaf and branch compost is wonderful for your vegetable garden.  Be sure and incorporate it into your soil.  Most vegetables can grow roots down 15" but tomatoes can go down 18" so give the garden a good 18" base in which to grow.

Since you have heavy clay soil, it would be helpful if you changed to raised beds (Grow Box Gardening).  They would dry out quicker in the spring and give good drainage during the season.  Make your beds no wider than 4' deep (you can reach and harvest 2' from one side and 2' from the other side and not have to step in the garden to harvest the produce).  I would leave 18" to 2' between the rows so that you can walk down the rows and harvest your vegetables without stepping on the plants.

-Julia B. Tuck
Horticulture Assistant
Slow the Flow Schedule Coordinator
USU Cooperative Extension
Utah County

Posted on 3 Mar 2008

Julia Tuck
Horticulture Assistant, Utah county

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