Our 6-year old daughter, Rosemarie, was trying to find information on how one can identify the gender of a ladybug. She says that, "I really want to know that." Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, and Happy Holidays, DeWain Feller



 It's actually very difficult to tell a girl from a boy ladybug. One good way is to get a hand lens and look at the end of the abdomen (or where you think the "butt" might be).  If it's rounded, it's probably a girl. If it's pointed, it's probably a boy. There are other general characteristics too, but they would be too complicated to explain over email and maybe too confusing for a 6-year old. The only real way to know for sure is to dissect it and look for reproductive organs (e.g., ovaries/testes).

Posted on 10 Jan 2008

Erin Hodgson
Extension Entomologist

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