I rent out a condo in a very clean complex in Holladay. My new renter called me in a panic believing she has cockroaches. The service I then had spray the unit said "they had never seen cockroaches in 20 years here." She called again saying they still come out at night from under her refrigerator and dishwasher. I had her save some in a bag and overnight, something in the bag hatched and there were dozens. The adults look rather like the photo of a cockroach I downloaded from WikiPedia, but they are only about 3/4" long. Can you tell me about cockroaches in Utah? Who can I get to identify these insects? How can we get rid of them.



It is very possible to have cockroaches in Utah. We have several different kinds here, and one way to identify them for sure is to send them up to our Diagnostic Laboratory in Logan. Fill out a submission form (including $5) and you should receive an answer in a few days.




Or you could take your samples to your County Extension Office.  They could probably tell you right away.

Posted on 29 Oct 2007

Erin Hodgson
Extension Entomologist

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