I have a question regarding commercially canned tomatoes. I have read on your website that the nutritional value of vegetables may not be maintained after the expiration date. I have heard somewhere that tomatoes are an exception, and there could be a problem with the tomatoes that would not be able to be detected, and that they should just be discarded at the expiration date for safety's sake. Is this true?



Commercially canned foods will retain most of their vitamin content for the shelf life storage time stated on the cans.  After that time, the company is stating it no longer supports it's own claims.  During storage, vitamins are the only major nutritional element lost.  So, the food will still retain all of the calories, proteins, minerals, etc.

Commercially canned foods that have not been compromised will remain safe --even after the expiration date.  We recommend that people replace their food storage as their finances permit.  A general rule for canned goods is 5 years.  If you wait too long, then the food no longer tastes any good and it is harder to eat.

Posted on 30 Oct 2007

Brian Nummer
Food Safety Specialist

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