I would like to plant 2 plum trees and would like to make sure they have sufficient pollination. I would definately like a Italian Plum (Prune) and some other plum that is freestone and good fresh eating with a great flavor. I would like a Satsuma but have read that the european plum and the Japanese plum varieties are not compatible as far as pollination. Would the Santa Rosa be a good substitute for the Satsuma?



Concerning your question on plum pollination.  You are correct in that Japanese and European plums will not pollinate one another.  However, European prune-type plums, such as stanley Damson, and the Italian are all considered self-fruitfull (they don't need a pollinator).  As for the Japanese plums you listed, Santa Rosa is a very popular plum with reddish-purple skin and amber flesh.  The flavor is quite nice and a bit tangy.  It too is self fruitfull.  The Satsuma is another Japanese plum has a mottled maroon/ green skin and dark red flesh. The flavor is considered to be  mild and not tart.  The Satsuma does need another tree for pollination, such as a Santa Rosa or Beauty.

Posted on 2 Nov 2007

Jaydee Gunnell
Master Gardner and Horticulture Agent, Davis County

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