I want to switch my current lawn (bluegrass with some bermudagrass infestation) to a low-water and low-growth grass. I have a front lawn that's in shade most of the day, and the back lawn is mostly in sun. Will dwarf tall fescue work in this situation? Do you have any recommendations for the best DTF variety(s) to use? Also, will the bermudagrass be able to survive on less water and compete with the fescue?



Where are you located?  Unless you are in Washington County, bermudagrass it is not technically legal for you to plant it.  In Washington County, however, it is legal.  If you are thinking of the bermudagrass as more of a weed, then the answer to your question is yes, it will be able to survive on less water and compete with tall fescue.

As far as dwarf tall fescue goes, it should do fine in the conditions that you've described.  It's difficult for me to keep up with the latest
varieties, so I would recommend you contact your preferred seed/sod supplier to discuss variety recommendations.  It would be really difficult for you to discern differences between varieties for your application anyhow.

Posted on 27 Nov 2007

Kelly Kopp
Water Conservation & Turfgrass Specialist

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