I would like to plant red seedless grapes. What time of the year and what variety work in Utah.



The grapes will do better if you plant them in the spring.  Two of the red seedless table grapes that do well in Utah are:

Candice-  it has well-filled clusters of medium-size berries.  It is very productive and hardy.  It also makes good raisins.

Suffolk Red- an early red seedless grape.  Clusters tend to be loose and small.  Flavor is excellent.  It can be dried to make raisins.

These are not the only red grapes that will do here, but they are two varieties that are known to do well here.
You want grapes that do well in USDA Zone 5 (zone 3-4 would even be better because every few years we get a deeper freeze) and that like alkaline soil.  You could check out catalogs like Stark Bros. or Miller Nurseries to read about the different varieties, or you can check with some of the reputable, full-serve nurseries in your area.  I hope this information will be of help to you.

Posted on 15 Oct 2007

Julia Tuck
Horticulture Assistant, Utah county

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