What herbicide/killer do we use to eradicate "salt cedar" & cheat grass??



Let's address these two problems separately.
Salt Cedar also known as Tamarisk is best controlled during the next
month (October to early November) with a systemic weed killer. Young
trees up to an inch in diameter can be sprayed with "Round Up" active
ingredient (Glyphosate). Large trees should be sawed off about a foot
from the ground and the fresh cut stump should be treated immediately
(asap) with same chemical. See label and use the high rate of product,
not the "ready mix" product.

Cheatgrass is an annual grass. I will try to forward you an address for
a fact sheet about it. To really get on top of it apply pre-emergent
weed control such as Treflan or Plateau in the spring or late fall
before it comes up and mow in the summer those that do come up before
they go to seed. Not all of these products will likely be available to
homeowners. If you have more questions after you see the fact sheet give
me call or send me another email.


Posted on 5 Oct 2007

Rick Heflebower
Horticulture Agent, Washington County

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