I have 4 lovely crenshaw melons on my home garden vines -- 1 large, 2 medium, and 1 small. None of them have gone yellow/white yet! We survived the snow flakes last weekend (I covered everything), but I see we are about to get another "hit" this weekend! Is there ANYthing I can do to speed up their ripening?? I have cut back my watering of the vines, but sprinklers still go on automatically in the morning. Would any of the "usual" things people do to ripen melons indoors (paper bags, put them with a banana, etc.) do any good while they are still on the vine?? From everything I have read, if they are picked while they are still green, they will never ripen -- is this true? If I keep them well covered during our few nights of 32-33 due this weekend, will they survive on the vine to ripen?



I recommend that you cover the melon patch at night with a floating row cover to help retain some ground moisture and avoid frost
damage. Floating row cover can be left on all day, but it would be best to remove it so the plants can receive maximum sunlight for faster maturity.
You can buy floating row cover at most of the local garden centers, but you may want to call ahead and be sure the store of your choice has some in stock.

Posted on 10 Oct 2007

Maggie Wolf
Horticulture Agent, Salt Lake County

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