I still have a lot of green tomatoes on the vine but it looks like frost is getting the better of them (the vines, not the fruit yet) the past few nights. I plan on using the tomatoes for Chili Sauce. If I pick the green tomatoes are they going to ripen inside? Is there a better way to get them ripened to use for chili sauce?



Pick your green tomatoes.  I like to dip them in a 10% bleach solution (9 parts water + 1 part bleach).  Let air dry.  Place between layers of newspaper.  Check them often.  The greener ones take longer to ripen than do the ones that are lighter green.  Keep them in your house and they will ripen over a period of time.  You may even have some to eat in Decenber!
I hope this information will be of help to you.

Posted on 4 Oct 2007

Julia Tuck
Horticulture Assistant, Utah county

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