All of the recipes I can find for canning green beans require a pressure canner. Is there a safe way to can green beans using a boiler canner?



First and foremost, canning low acid foods like beans MUST be done in a pressure canner.  A safe pressure canning process is required to destroy the organisms and spores that cause botulism.  Old recipes exist on the internet where people were instructed to boil vegetables for many hours, but that still does NOT kill botulism spores.

Next, to ensure safety, Extension only recommends research-based, safe, canning processes.  These can be found on the USU Extension website and http://www.homefoodpreservation.com.

There are a few recipes for pickling beans.  When pickling, acid is added to a level that prevents growth of the botulism organism.  With enough acid present, a boiling water canner can be used.  Here's a recipe for pickled dilled beans:

Posted on 7 Sep 2007

Brian Nummer
Food Safety Specialist

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