I want to find out about the master gardener program, my computer wont let me link, can you give me more info or a different link address or something. I want to know sign up date class times, location, cost and if aid is available. Thanks so much for your help.




I don’t know if you tried this link to USU Extension Salt Lake County but this will provide good information on the Salt Lake County Master Gardener program http://extension.usu.edu/saltlake/htm/horticulture/mgprogram


This website has information describing the Master Gardener Volunteer program including projects, training (the 2007 training schedule) and upcoming orientations held in August and September.  If you cannot access the above link, I will provide a brief summary of the program.  The "Master" does not mean you know everything about gardening.  The "Master" in Master Gardener means you are a horticulture volunteer for Utah State University Extension.  The purpose of the Utah Master Gardener Program is to develop a network of trained volunteers who can provide the citizens of Utah with research-based information and technical assistance in gardening and home horticulture. 

Training to be a Master Gardener in Salt Lake County begins by attending a 90 minute orientation.  These orientations are to introduce prospective trainees to the mission of Utah State University Extension, the many volunteer projects where we need volunteers, requirements to become certified, and a Q & A session.  After the orientation, those who are interested in the program receive applications.  Orientations are usually held in August and September.  Applications are reviewed in October and those accepted into the program are notified in November.  Classroom training begins in January.

The cost has been $150 for 40 hours of classroom training, with the expectation that 40 hours of volunteer service learning is “paid back” to USU through volunteer hours on the Master Gardener phone line, Plant Diagnostic clinics, and other Master Gardener projects. 

Keep an eye on the website for the dates for the orientations, and if you cannot access the website, check back with me in August for dates and locations for orientations. All your questions about the program should be answered by attending one of the orientations.

Posted on 5 Sep 2007

Maggie Shao
Horticulture Agent, Salt Lake County

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