I have about an acre of commercial property that I want to control all vegetation. Is there a good ground sterilizer on the market? Where can I purchase it?



There are several sterilants available.  You need to be very careful
where you use them.

       Tordon is a restricted use sterilant that will move in water.
If tree roots from the neighbors reaches into the treated area they will
die.  At low rates it is labeled for use on pastures and will not kill
the grass.  If you plan on growing alfalfa or ornamentals on this land
in the next 5 or 6 years this is not a product that you should consider.

       Weed Blast or Sterilan are sold at Dallas Green Farm Supply and
IFA respectively.  They are not as mobile in the soil, but can still
kill trees or shrubs who's roots reach into the area where they have
been applied.

       Pramitol moves easily in water.  If surface water runs off site
it will take the Pramitol with it and kill plants that it contacts.

With all sterilants the persistence is largely dependant upon the rate
applied.  Weeds are usually the first plants to come back and will need
to be delt with.  If you plan on using the land for planting in the
future you may want to look at herbicides that have a shorter
persistence like a mixture of Roundup, for burn down, Surflan & Treflan
as pre-emergent products.  That mix would control weeds for a year. A
spring application before the weeds get very large would probably be the

Posted on 5 Sep 2007

James Barnhill
Agriculture Agent, Weber county

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