I had my apple tree pruned this spring and ever since then apple suckers have been coming up all over my yard; especially in my grass. Nothing I've sprayed seems to kill off the suckers, including round-up and sucker stopper. What do you recommend to erradicate apple suckers?



   It is not common for apples to sucker all over the yard.  Normally they are confined to the area around the base of the tree and then they are simply pruned back every year. One problem with killing the suckers is it may damage the tree.  Roundup is usually effective against these suckers.  You may need to add a sticker/spreader in the solution to get better penetration.  You can also try a chemical called triclopyr (sold as brush-b-gon). Be careful, this can damage or even kill the apple tree. 

Posted on 7 Sep 2007

Jerry Goodspeed
County Director, Horticulture Agent, Weber County

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