I have many different types of fruit trees in my yard. Yellow Delicious, Gala, Jonathan, Macantosh, Elberta Peaches, Stanley Plums, Danjo Pears, Barlet Pears, Apricots, Bing Cherries, and Elderberries. When is the best time to harvest each of these?



Apples - seeds are brown inside, apples start to drop, some people like to wait closer to frost
peaches - color and they start to soften fall from tree
pears - seeds are brown inside (D'anjo after frost, Bartlett when they turn lighter green)
apricots - color and soften
Cherries dark color
Elderberries - blue and powdery

Posted on 31 Aug 2007

Linden Greenhalgh
4-H and Agriculture Agent, Tooele county

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