This is a food storage question. I have called Iams and Purina re cat food storage. They could not tell me how long I could store their dry food product in an oxygen free envirenment. I would like to store the food in 6 gallon buckets to which an oxygen absorber has been added. I have several members in my ward who are interested in this answer. Do you have any experience with this?



I am basing my answer on presumptions, and not research.  Unfortunately there is no research in this area to rely on.  And, the manufacturers are most likely hesitant to answer your question because they have not researched it either.  A manufacturer will test the safety and quality of their product and list a shelf life date.  After that date, they make no guarantees.

I would presume that if you choose a dry (completely dry) cat food and package it using oxygen absorbers, you could reasonably expect to extend
the shelf life.  The length would be a guess.  So your guess is as good as mine.  I would say that if you use a very dry cat food that doing this would not create a food safety hazard.  I would avoid the intermediate moisture cat food, the ones that are soft and chewy, since they will not store well.

I am assuming you are doing this for emergency food storage.  If you are doing this because you can get a pallet of cat food cheap and want to
store it for three years, I would simply avoid that temptation.

Posted on 15 Aug 2007

Brian Nummer
Food Safety Specialist

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