A week ago I was given an easter lily with white trumpet flowers. The plant was very dry, so I watered it, and it dose seem healthy. The blossoms are gone. 1) What, where and when is the best time to plant outside? I would like to plant it in a pot with other flowers. 2) The spot is quite shady, gets a little sun, will it be ok? 3) How should I winterize the plant when it gets cold, so I can have it come out nicely next year? 4) Will it multiply, where I can get other plants? or, How can I plant other starts from the plant? 5) Is there literature on growing easter lilys in Utah? 6) Can I expect blossoms again this summer or fall?



No publications specifically about Easter Lily care for Utah, but it is similar to other lilies that grow from bulbs, that they need at least half a
day of sun, for the leaves to produce sugars throughout the summer and send those sugars into the bulb for blooms next spring.  There are a couple
of concerns for success in that our soil pH is alkaline and they prefer a more acidic soil pH and the lilies may not be cold hardy enough to survive our
winters. Easter Lilies are intensely managed to produce blooms for Easter and sold as houseplants.  You can plant you Easter Lily outside after
the blooms are spent but you should select a site with sun and afternoon shade for the plant to produce food through photosynthesis to send those sugars
back into the bulb. Be patient. It may take a couple of year's for your plant to build up enough resources to set flower buds.

This link to an article from North Dakota about Easter Lily care

Here is an article on easter lily care from University of Nebraska

Posted on 15 Aug 2007

Maggie Shao
Horticulture Agent, Salt Lake County

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