We live in Perry, Utah. We are getting our yard prepared for sprinklers and grass. We are doing a lot of rock in areas, so we are not watering as much grass etc. We are wondering about the grass itself. At this point we would like to put sod down, but we are wondering what type of grass we should be looking for that is heat and drought tolerant and that will do well all year long in the area where we live. Can you suggest a particular sod or seed, and a place to obtain it, that might work well for us?



Fescue grasses have been shown to be more drought tolerant than Kentucky bluegrass in Utah research trials .  I have attached a publication from USU on Turf Grass Variety Recommendations for Utah.  It has several sources for seed listed at the end.  For sod, I would suggest you check in the yellow pages of the local telephone directory for sod farms and ask them if the have the type of turf you are looking for.  If they do not, then you might have to seed it yourself and save some money.

Posted on 15 Aug 2007

Michael Pace
County Director, Agriculture and 4-H/Youth Agent, Box Elder county

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