I planted six Euonymus alatus compacta (burning bush) two years ago. The have not done well. They leaf beautifully in the spring, and then, regardless how much water I give them, the leaves turn brown around the edges and they look like they are dying. The next spring, I start all over again. Any suggestions?



Brown margins on leaves can be either too much water or not enough water. It is best to check the soil moisture content between waterings to see if the soil has dried out.  When you water too much, there is no pore space
available for air or oxygen which is also a requirement for proper plant growth. You'll see from the reference below, they are not tolerant of water logged soils.

To answer the question, I'd like to know what type of sun exposure the shrubs have.  According to Michael Dirr's Manual of Woody Plants, "Can tolerate both shady and sunny conditions although performs well in heavy
shade and still develops good fall color; not tolerant of water logged soils; pH adaptable; shows stress in droughty soils; ideally should be watered and / or mulched in hot, dry situations."

So I would say if these are planted in full sun, try mulching around the base to retain some of the soil moisture, whereas if these are planted in the shade, it may be too much water.

Posted on 9 Aug 2007

Maggie Shao
Horticulture Agent, Salt Lake County

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