Do you have some pruning tips for ornamental and shade trees?



Here are some pruning tips for ornamental and shade trees:

* When trimming trees, remember that the tree limbs and branches will stay at the same height for the entire life of the tree. The growing point for the tree is located in the top terminal bud, and the rest of the tree will only grow in circumference. If the branch is four feet off the ground today, it will be four feet off the ground in 20 years.

* You can safely prune most trees through the end of May. Most pruning is done before the tree leaves out because it is easier to see where to prune and easier to get into the tree. I recommend pruning them in March and early April.

* Do very little pruning on ornamental trees. Prune wood that is dead, diseased or injured and branches that cross (rub), grow back into the center of the tree or are out of place. Be sure to keep the natural shape of the tree intact.

Posted on 12 Apr 1999

Jerry Goodspeed
County Director, Horticulture Agent, Weber County

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