What can you tell me about Turtle Grass--value, strengths, weaknesses, how and where to plant, etc?



Turtle Grass is fairly new to us here in southern Utah. There are some pros and cons. It requires less water and fertilizer to maintain good color. However, It does not appear to be as durable (doesn't repair itself well )as bluegrass or tall fescue, so it would not be a good choice for a backyard, for example, where children would be playing. USDA researchers indicate that it would probably do well in an arid climate but, in places of high humidity it may not have good disease tolerance.
It is something we hope to do a little testing with here in the future. Turtle Grass sod is fairly expensive (almost double the price of regular sod).

Posted on 12 Apr 2001

Rick Heflebower
Horticulture Agent, Washington County

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