Homebuyer Course Certificate

Welcome to the Homebuyer Education Course with Certificate.  Upon completing the course and the evaluation that will be emailed to you, you will receive a certificate of completion stating this was a HUD-approved curriculum.  

Before registering, please contact your lender or homebuyer grant program administrator to make sure an Online Homebuyer Course is permissible to meet the requirements of your loan or grant.  They may require pre-purchase counseling and an in-person class.  Once you have registered and begun the course, your money will not be refunded if you find out the online course certificate will not qualify for your particular program.

You must complete the following steps in order to receive a certificate.  Registration is good for a household.  If you require both names on the certificate, each of you must fill out and return a separate and distinctly different evaluation.  If it appears answers were copied, we will return the evaluation.

1. Fill out the registration form below

2. Pay for course

3. Click Here to start taking the course immediately.  You do not have to wait for a response from our team.  If you encounter a glitch during the online course, please go through the Free Course which provides the same information as the Paid Course. Online scores and places are not kept. The online course is inteded to prepare you for the final evaluation. If you leave then need to restart, please go through the free course and click on the section where you left off. 

4. Once you have completed all seven units, quizzes, worksheets, email our staff on the contact us tab in the website and request a final exam.  We will try our best to send the final exam the same day as you request, but due to limited staff resources, please allow three business days. 

5. Take the exam and email it back to us and we will distribute a certificate of completion. 

Note:  The course does not currently meet all the requirements for the "Back to Work" program with FHA.


The USU Extension office will close for all U.S. National Holidays. Any requests received during this time, or outside regular business hours, will be addressed within three business days following the request.


Home Buyer Education Course with Certificate

Cost: $45.00