Working Ranch Horse

In 2007 our counties Working Ranch Horse Program was started and the success of our Gathering in the fall is nothing short of amazing . The Utah 4-H Ranch Horse program is not the traditional 4-H Horse program, although there are a few key components which are the same such as leadership, personal growth,  gaining life skills and the use of a projects horse as a tool to teach these skills.  Our program is designed to teach kids about the age old techniques of handling livestock. Our Gathering is an essential part of the program and gives youth the opportunity for mastery. There are a series of levels which youth go through while in the program. Each level has a workbook they complete while gaining knowledge about cattle, horses, tack and more. In our area we have many youth who are raised on the ranch but the number of these youth that still saddle up to take care of the cattle operation is dwindling.  This program hopefully will get ranch youth and their families off the 4-wheeler and back in the saddle. Youth who take care of their livestock the traditional way now have an opportunity to compete in something they do daily, teach other youth how to do it and sharpen their own ranching skills because of the 4-H Working Ranch Horse Program. 


The Practical Training Guide (produces by Jim Keyes) used for testing is available from the Extension office for $10.

Remember to complete your unit levels, Cassie can sign them off for you or your parent if I'm not available.

Unit One Book

Unit Two Book

Unit Three Book

If you are interested in joining/starting a Working Ranch Horse Club contact:

Garfield County Extension -  (435) 676-1113
Or more information on the program can be viewed at the following link: