Co 4-H Scholarship Application

Garfield County
To: All 2014 Garfield County High School Graduates
From: Kevin Heaton and SuzAnne Jorgensen, USU Garfield County Extension Agents
Announcing a $2,000.00 scholarship to be awarded to a 2014 high school graduate from Garfield County. A 4-H portfolio and interview will be judged to select the recipient of this scholarship.
1.                Must be a resident of Garfield County.
2.                Must be a senior in high school, graduating in 2014.
3.                4-H members will be given top priority, however, non 4-H seniors may apply.**
4.                Must complete a 4-H portfolio and interview process.***
5.                This scholarship may be deferred for up to two years, but can only be used by an entering freshman.
1.                Deadline is February 3, 2014.
2.                Submit a 4-H portfolio/resume to
Garfield County Extension Office
Garfield County Courthouse
P.O. Box 77
Panguitch, UT 84759
3.                All candidates will be contacted for a date and time for their interview. This will take place at the Garfield County Courthouse, 4-H Office (upstairs),
55 South Main Street, Panguitch, Utah.
4.         If you have any questions, call the Extension Office at 435-676-1113
*If not attending Utah State University, the scholarship will be for $1,000.00. The scholarship may be divided between two or more equally qualified applicants.
            **If no 4-H members apply, the scholarship will be available to a non 4-H candidate.
            ***If you are a non 4-H candidate, a resume will take place of the portfolio.
“Utah State University is an affirmative action/equal opportunity institution.”


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