Become a 4-H Youth Programs Leader

Becoming a 4-H club leader is an immensely rewarding volunteer experience. Youth need caring, supportive adults in their life.  You can truly make a very positive difference in the lives of your club members.
 To become a 4-H club leader, you need to complete the following steps.
1.  Read the Volunteer Application Packet and complete a 4-H Volunteer Application.  You can also get an application from the Extension Office:

55 South Main
Panguitch, UT 84759
(435) 676-1113, Extension Secretary

2.  Return your completed application to the Extension Office.

3.  Your application will be reviewed and a background screening completed.

4.  Attend 4-H New Club Leaders Orientation. This is a mandatory, two-hour orientation that must be completed before you will become an official 4-H club leader.  There is also an online training option for those with busy schedules and learn well from a computer environment.
5.  Upon successful completion of the background screening process and completion of 4-H Club Leader Orientation, you are an official 4-H club leader. You can begin your volunteer service. Welcome to the 4-H family!
Although 4-H Club Leader Orientation is the only mandatory training required, it merely provides the basics of being a 4-H club leader.  All leaders are strongly encouraged to complete 4-H Core Training during their first year as a club leader