4-H Funds Request

Are you interested in attending a 4-H event but need funding support? Garfield County 4-H can provide it's members with assistance to attend 4-H sponsored events (or acquire materials needed for a 4-H project). Here's how it works. first.....We are excited that you are interested in participating in an upcoming 4-H event or activity.  We have a few guidelines that we would like you to be aware of as a potential recipient of funds. 

  • Recipients need to be enrolled in 4-H,
  • Participate in a 4-H club,
  • Enter a 4-H project or item in the fair
  • Fill out a funds request form
  • Report to us the “give back” hours you have contributed back to 4-H by the end of the 4-H year (Sept. 30 or sooner). Report form
Recipients can “give back” to Garfield County’s 4-H program in many ways.  Some examples are: help with a 4-H event such as a service project, fundraiser or help lead an event; promote 4-H to other youth or adults, or suggest another way you think you would like to contribute back.  We would suggest that you contribute back approximately one hour for every $10.00 you receive.
Please fill out the funds request form and return it to the Extension office no later than three days before an event registration is due or before materials are accepted. Please contact us if you have any questions.
Becky Dalton                                                                          Samie Ott
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