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    Garfield County Agriculture

    With 14,000 head of cattle in Garfield County, livestock and forage production is important economically. Due to increased regulations and reductions of livestock animal units (AU) on public ranges, and the high potential for drought in our area, livestock producers must develop methods and select plant species which produce high quantities of low cost forage. Increasing forage quantities will help maintain the livestock industry. 

    Economically, livestock producers work on very small margins. Cutting costs is critical for sustainable beef and forage producing operations. In addition, the beef industry needs to be educated about its products and learn how to market their commodities better.  Agriculture pests, particularly weeds, play an important role in the sustainability of the farming and ranching industry in Southern Utah.

    Remote Stock Water Monitoring

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    Southern Utah ranchers manage livestock in extremely remote areas.  Ranchers monitor their cattle regularly, weekly or monthly, as their cattle spread out over thousands of acres.

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    Utah Agricultural Experiment Station - Panguitch

    Costs and revenues from pasture leases over the years and costs and revenues per acre of alfalfa hay, oat, barley, wheat hay, and three-way hay throughout the recent years in Garfield County.MORE INFORMATION