Utah’s FSNE
Utah received funding in 1998 and began with a small program; now, Utah’s FSNE program is in all 29 counties in Utah. Utah’s university partner is Utah State University. The methods by which nutrition education is promoted in Utah include the following:
-   Participants are taught individually in their own homes or in small groups
-   An NEA (nutrition education assistant) does a needs assessment to determine participant interest or lack of knowledge
-   Participants graduate between 6 to 10 lessons
-  Curriculum is presented in a variety of teaching methods including flip-charts, DVDs, online, group lessons, and individually, whatever is most conducive to that particular participant’s learning style.
It has been found that the greatest need of these individuals is skills. Teaching them is possible; however, there are many challenges in administering the program. These challenges include locating participants, convincing them to enroll in classes, and getting them to the proper location at the scheduled time to receive the lessons.
In the past five years, the program in Utah has grown 7% with a notable increase in both participation and funding. As the program continues to expand, the health problems in the low-income population will hopefully being to resolve as participants apply and share their knowledge.