Home Food Preservation & Storage

The Extension system has been publishing safe home food preservation recommendations since 1909.  More than 100 years since, we have come a long way in making home food preservation exceptionally safe. The USU Food Safety Extension program is founded on those 100 years of research. 

Here is a brief list of the research-based and safe sources of home food preservation recipes and processes.

Home Food Preservation

  • National Center for Home Food Preservation.  1000's of pages of research-tested home food preservation directions including the USDA Complete Guide to Canning. 
  • U.S.U. Extension Food Safety Publications (click the link at left)
  • "So Easy to Preserve" University of Georgia publication and DVD videos. (Information).
  • For a complete list of research-based and safe sources of food preservation information please see our bulletin.

Home Food Storage

  • USU Food Storage (Safety and Nutrition Home Page)
  • USU Food Storage Fact Sheets

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