Frequently Asked Questions

How long is my Utah FSMC certification good for?  3 Years

What languages is FSMC available in?  The exam materials are bilingual English and Spanish.  There is a Spanish language textbook available.  The online and DVD learning materials are English only.

My health inspector gave me __ days to get certified.  How long will this take?  It will take us approximately 1 day to register you and send you an email invitation to the course/exam.   If you are taking the course you will need at least 8 hours of studying.  Then, the exam takes approximately one hour after you are able to make an exam appointment.  We have asked that the Utah Health inspectors give you at least 7 days to get the certificate exam completed.  So if you wait 6 days to contact us, we cannot help you much.  Once you have passed the exam you are certified.  The certificate only proves it.  We can contact your inspector directly if needed to confirm you passed.

Can I pay my registration with a credit card?  Yes. 

What are the Username and password? Do I need them if I just taking the exam? The Username and password are needed to access both the online course and exam.  After you receive an email invitation to participate in the course/exam, the learning management system (called Canvas) will ask you to create your own password.  If you mistyped your email on the registration form, then you will not hear from anyone. 

Do I have to take a Food Safety Manager Course to take the exam? No.  You can challenge the exam without taking any course.  However, it is not recommended.

Can I take the exam at home on my computer?  No.  It must be taken at an approved location. In some cases where you live too far away from an approved location you can ask for an exam Proctor.  Please contact us to inquire more.

What computer(s) can I use to take the online course?  You can use any computer with an internet connection.  It can be your home computer or a library computer.  Your cooperative extension office does NOT have a computer available for the course, only the exam.  USU Continuing Education facilities do have computers you can view the course on.  Please see this link to view locations.  Tell them you are studying NFS 1050.

Can I purchase a manual without taking the course?  Yes.  Only if you register for the "Challenge exam".  Check the box on the registration form and pay an extra $25. 

Can I take the exam in a county other than the one I live in?  Yes.  You can register and take the exam in any county or approved location you choose.

I live in a rural area more than an hour driving time from the closest approved exam location.  Can I take the exam somewhere else?  Yes. A suitable exam proctor must be available in the alternate location.

Once I receive my certificate, is that all I have to do?  No.  In some cases you must register your certificate with your local health department.  Contact them directly for details.

Can I transfer my paid registration to another person to take the exam?  No.

At one time there was a VHS video.  Is it still available?  No.  It is no longer supported in the updated material.  We now have a DVD available for rental.

Do county extension offices have Printed Manuals?  No.  There are only obtained from USU Logan.

I purchased a printed manual.  Can I keep it?  Yes.  It is yours to keep.

Do I have to include my birth date and email on the registration form?  Yes.  These are required to successfully register.  You may indicate a fictitious birth date, but you must remember the date you indicate.  Email is used to send you your password and Username to take the course or exam.  If you do not have an email account please call Gayla at 435-797-2139 after registering to obtain your username and password by phone.

Can I register at a county extension office?  No.  You register online.  Some county Extension offices will permit you to use one of their computers to register via the internet. 

After I take the exam will I receive my grades in the mail?  No.  Your grades will be displayed after taking the exam on the computer.  If you took the exam in any other manner, the Procter should grade the exam and notify you of your grade.

Are there non-English options for taking the course or exam?  The exam is available in English, Spanish, and Chinese (paper copy only).  There is a textbook in English or Spanish.  We do not have study materials for Chinese or any other language.

Can someone who does not read English or another language take the exam?  Yes.  The exam can be read to an individual by a Procter.  Permission is required.  Please contact Gayla at 435-797-2139.  

Why are there different manuals?  The most current edition is the 2008 (5th edition).  There is one older edition written by Dr. Nummer.  It is similar, but the content is organized differently.  An even older manual written by Dr. Brennand is paired with the at-home VHS video she has created.  Dr. Brennand refers to this manual in her video.  Neither the VHS video or the Dr. Brennand manual are supported.

Where is the course and exam located?  They are found at  You will need to have registered and received an invitation email. 

I registered and never received my username or password.   Contact Gayla at 435-797-2139 if you did not receive your information three days after registering.  You may have written your email incorrectly on your registration form or some other error occurred.

Is my Utah Food Safety Manager's Certificate good in another state?  No.

When is the DVD available?  it is available now - rental only

Tell me more about renting a DVD?  DVD's will be sent only from USU in Logan, UT by registered mail.  You may view the DVD for 2 weeks.  After that time you must return it in it's post-paid registered US Mail envelope.  You can only mail the DVD directly from a US Post Office.  Lost DVD's will have a $100 fee assessed.  Late return are $10 per week for up to 4 weeks.  Then the DVD is considered lost and the user is charged $100.  We apologize for the registered mailing and the late fees, but we must account for all of our DVD's.

Can I rent / return the DVD to the County Extension Office or testing location?  No.  All DVD's are sent from USU Logan and come with a pre-paid return envelope with registered mail postage.  You are responsible for placing it into registered US Mail.  Failure to do so will subject you to lost or late fees.

How does the USU FSMC course compare to the other national exams like ServSafe?  The learning objectives are the same.  Both courses will successfully prepare you as a food safety manager.  Some companies may add additional learning events to their courses, but you will need to check with them.

ServSafe certifies you for 5 years.  Why is FSMC certiifcation only good for 3 years?  Even if you take the ServSafe exam and pass, the certificate is valid in Utah for only 3 years.  It would be valid in other states (if you moved) for up to 5 years.  The 3 year limit is a Utah state law.

I have a question that is not listed here.  Who can I ask?  Call Gayla at 435-797-2139 or email her.