Food Safety Manager's Certification Course

Food Safety Managers Certificate Program

REGISTER: online (credit card only) or fax/mail (credit card, money order, or check) using one of the forms available on the right.  After you register you will get an email invitation from for the exam and the course (if you registered for that. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO ACCEPT THE COURSE INVITATION FROM THE CANVAS INSTRUCTURE EMAIL.  Follow the "first access" instructions below. 

elearn.usu.eduFIRST ACCESS:  Go to this website: and click "forgot password".  Follow the instructions by entering your email address.  You will get an email asking you to set a "new" password.  Complete that task.  Then ignore the page that the system forwards you to. 

SECOND ACCESS or HAVE PASSWORD ACCESS: If you accepted your canvas email invitation and set up a password - OR - created a password using the instructions above you will need to ignore all of the web pages the system defaults to and go here  Please bookmark that webpage for future FSMC access.

I am on the course site now what?  The first page you will see has a Utah State University logo on the top left.  Immediately next to that on its right is "courses" with a little down arrow.  Click the down arrow to see the courses you are enrolled in.  You should see Food Safety Managers Exam and Food Safety Managers Course (if you enrolled in that).  Click to enter the course you desire. 

The EXAM site won't let me into the exams (quizzes)?  Exams must be taken using a proctor.  A special proctor password is entered by USU Staff at one of our Cooperative Extension offices.  Please make an appointment to take the exam there and they will enter the special password to get access to the exams.

Utah FSMC provides the restaurant and food service industry with an up-to-date, comprehensive food safety training and certification program. The course and exam has been reviewed in January 2015 and are in agreement with both the 2009 and 2013 US FDA model Food Codes.  The Utah Food Code is modeled after the 2009 US FDA model Food Code and will soon be updated to the 2013 code.  All materials were approved by the Utah Department of Health and were written to meet the requirements of the Utah Food Safety Manager Rule.  Certification is recognized in all counties of Utah. Certification is NOT recognized outside of Utah (sorry).  Our course was created with he highest standards in training and certification and it’s offered in several delivery methods including: textbook, DVD, and online.  A Spanish language textbook is also available.  The online and DVD training is only in English at this time.

The FSMC Exam is taken online only at an approved USU location by appointment (see link below). Exams are bilingual (English-Spanish). 

IMPORTANT: For those who are pressed for time to complete and pass the FSMC exam, please be aware that the Utah Food Safety Managers Certification rule specifically states that you must PASS the exam.  It does not require that you have the certificate in your possession.  Paper certificates take several weeks to receive by US Mail.  There are several ways to prove to Utah Health Department Regulators that you passed the exam.  1) The USU Extension Office can issue a temporary certificate (just ask).  2) The USU Extension office can print your exam grade summary and sign that page as proof.  3) All Utah Health Departments have a designated person with course access so that they can enter the system and see your passing score for themselves.  4) There is a Canvas Instructure APP that can be downloaded onto a smart phone that will access your account and display your grades.